The ArTracker project is an initiative born with the objective of building an IoT device capable of sensing the environmental conditions of an art piece during transportation and hosting.

The basic concept consists in building a “black box” that allows restorers, infrastructure’s managers and other professionals in the field of cultural heritage preservation to access a database that contains various information about the present and past history of an art piece. From humidity to temperature passing through geolocation and shocks suffered by the art piece.

ArTracker was born from the collaboration between the CSC-Dept. of Information Engineering of the University of Padova, Lithos restorations and Audio Innova s.r.l.
The project was supported by the Veneto Region POR FSE 2014-2020 project ID 2105-0051-1463-2019.

Verona Arena's ArTracker

Installing the ArTracker

The ArTracker TEAM

Verona Arena: Our first tracking!

Inside our first ArTracker prototype

Test for energy saving

PCB design

One of our first prototype

Nicolò Merendino

Interaction / Industrial Designer

Alessandro Fiordelmondo

Web & Mobile Application Development

Alessandro Longo

Electronic engineer Student

Giorgia Dalpiaz

Electronic engineer Student

Elvira Boglione

Technical Manager & Director - Lithos

Paola Bolzon

Architect - Lithos

Antonio Rodà

Supervisor - UNIPD

Sergio Canazza

Audio Innova CEO