Latest Projects

CArD 3D - Carta Archeologica Digitale per la Regione Veneto

Funded by: Programma Operativo Regionale (POR) of Fondo Sociale Europeo (FSE) Veneto.
Duration: 2020 - active.
Partnership: Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali, Dipartimento Scienze Economiche e Aziendali from the University of Padova.
Companies: Venetian Cluster, Archetipo, Boccaccio432, Suerte Studio, 3DGIS.
Description: The project's goal is to develop a Web App for searching and visualising 3D models from the archaeological context of the Veneto region.
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Advancing gender equality in media industry (AGEMI)

Funded by: EU DG Justice JUST/2015/RGEN/AG/ROLE.
Duration: 2017-2019.
Partnership: Newcastle University (lead partner), University of Padova, University of Gothenburg, COPEAM (non-profit association devoted to the promotion of dialogue and cultural integration in the Mediterranean Region), European Federation of Journalists
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Planning and Development of an active preservation intervention on the historical archive of the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali di Reggio Emilia e Castelnuovo ne' Monti produced by Giorgio Mezzani

Funded by: Istituto per i Beni Artistici Culturali e Naturali della regione Emilia-Romagna
Duration: 2016-2018
Scientific Partner: Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali di Reggio Emilia e Castelnovo ne’ Monti

Active preservation of the Archivio Luigi Nono sound archive

Duration: 2015-2017
Scientific Partner: Archivio Luigi Nono (Venezia).

Active preservation of the Luciano Berio archive

Funded by Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basilea.
Duration: 2013-2017
Scientific Partner: Centro Studi Luciano Berio (Firenze).

Archaeology & Virtual Acoustics. A pan flute from ancient Egypt

Funded by: University of Padova - Progetto di ricerca di Ateneo Interarea
Duration: 2014-2016
Partnership: Department of Cultural Heritage and Department of Information Engineering
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OPENSoundS - Peer Education on the internet for social sounds

Funded by: Programma Settoriale Leonardo da Vinci
Duration: 2011-2013
The project's goal is to allow the possibility of remotely producing and sharing music in communities of transnational virtual studios.
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