Acronyms of Roads to Oral Archives and Sustainability, ROADS is a Project of Significant National Interest (PRIN), which aims to recover and preserve oral archives from the last fifty years, thus enabling the research activities of scholars in the fields of linguistics, glottology, oral history, and ethnomusicology.


The ROADS project aims to improve the accessibility and reuse of oral archives in Italy, recognizing their importance as a valuable source of collective knowledge and cultural memory. However, the current fragmentation and lack of common standards make a coordinated approach necessary. ROADS aims to create infrastructure, protocols and train a new generation of researchers to preserve and enhance these archives, with the support of CLARIN-IT and an advisory council. Significant societal impacts are expected, including strengthening cultural identity, social cohesion and scientific innovation.


Consortium and Work Organization

The consortium involved in the ROADS project consists of several academic and research institutions. Each institution has a specific role within the project, with specialized skills and knowledge that will contribute to the success of the project.

The consortium will work collaboratively to ensure the achievement of the project's goals, through Work Package, which include the preservation and accessibility of oral sources, the training of new generations of researchers, and the dissemination of the results obtained.


Gabriella Gribaudi Archive

Gabriella Gribaudi is a renowned scholar of oral history from Turin, which lives in Naples. The Gabriella Gribaudi pilot archive is a project within the ROADS program that aims to digitize, catalog and preserve the oral archive of Gabriella Gribaudi.